Active Today

Personalizable information manager for Series 60 cellphones

Active Today is a fantastic one-page personalized desktop providing an overview of today's information and quick access to your key applications on the Nokia 7610/6600/36x0 & SX1. The Active Today desktop can be viewed in two modes - normal or full screen, with full customization of background, font, and text colours.

Active Today gives you a convenient and functional phone desktop that allows you to view today's calendar and to-dos, summary of messaging information, and allows you to configure five shortcuts to favourite applications or websites. New calendar entries, to-dos, and messages can be created directly using Active Today.

The application allows full customization of the display - including choosing a background wallpaper and text font and colors, with an amazing full screen mode for additional personalization. Additional features include an automatic keypad lock and setting the operator logo on the phone.

Active Today


Active Today 2.10